Welcome to Event Registration

Here you can register for a Paper Based Test (PBT) for one of the following events:
Certifications Exams Price per exam
Linux Essentials 010 60,- EUR
LPIC-1 101, 102 90,- EUR
LPIC-2 201, 202 90,- EUR
LPIC-3 (LPI 300, 303, 304) 300, 303, 304 90,- EUR
Univention UVCP (LPI 198) 198, UVCP 85,- EUR
The fees listed above are valid for each exam. Fees must be paid in cash at the respective event directly before the start of the exam.

To become LPIC-1 certified you have to pass both exams 101 and 102.

Requirements for an LPIC-2 certification are to pass both exams 201 and 202 and to have an active LPIC-1 certification.

To become LPIC-3 certified candidates have to pass one of the exams 300, 303 or 304 and must have an active LPIC-2 certification.

Further information about the exams and certifications can be obtained through a click on the certification icons or under https://www.lpice.eu/en/our-certifications/.

LPI Central Europe represents as Master Affiliate the interests of the Linux Professional Institute Toronto, Canada, in the following countries: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. The LPI exams at trade fairs and congresses are carried in the name and behalf of the Linux Professional Institute. Supervision of the LPI exams is done depending on the location of LPI Central Europe or through the LPI e.V. The evaluation of the exams is made by the Linux Professional Institute in Toronto, Canada and for this purpose, all exam papers must be delivered to North America.

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